Some of the  services provided by Blue Ridge Computer

Virus, trojan, malware removal:
Most of the malware being circulated today is very hard to get rid of.  Get it done correctly, by an experienced pro.
Internet Setup:
New ISP modems and routers installed, connectivity and bandwidth tested and email clients setup.
Home and office networking:
Networking can be a challenge.  Let an experienced pro help you with your network set up.  Wired or wireless.
Wireless installation and setup:
Let me help you with your wireless router installation and setup, including the most appropriate security settings.  All local providers systems supported.
Email Issues:
Email connectivity issues resolved.  Update settings for the new Bell South / ATT email arrangement with Yahoo.
System Tune-up: brings your computer back up to “speed”
Does your computer system seem a lot slower than it was when new.  Over time, with new software installations, new printers, new digital cameras , and various other add-ons, your computer becomes more and more overwhelmed with software and associated processes running in the background.  A Blue Ridge system tune-up will bring your computer back to life.
Hardware upgrades:
Memory, and video card upgrades each can improve the  performance of your system.
A replacement hard drive can give you the extra storage you need.
Data recovery:
Just deleted a valuable document or family photo?  Don’t panic, there are ways to recover lost files.  Don’t install software or reboot your computer after losing a valuable document.  Call a pro immediately.
Windows system recovery